How To Do Anonymous Transaction and withdraw with cardro pro v6.5

Cardro pro v8.5 software app is one of the best tools Use in banking related transactions,and one of it features is about the anonymous transaction being carried out with it,you can read cardro pro Reviews and how it works.

What is anonymous transaction?

This is the banking related activities you do with a software without it being traced / monitored by the bank or the owner of the account,it can be checking of account balance,withdrawal of money from the account to another,depositing of money,online payment/shopping e.t.c.

With the latest cardro pro v6.5 you can easily carry out anonymous transaction and no single trace will be left behind,this is a software street boys are using to pull out money from your account without your consent. You might have had a story or falling a victim when you suddenly saw a debit alert but without you doing any transactions,this is simply the work of cardro pro software.

Details needed for anonymous transaction with cardro pro

To perform anonymous transaction in ones account you will be needing some details of the account holder:

  • Account Name:
  • This is the name of the victims account holder ie the bank account you want to pull out the money from to another bank.

  • Amount to withdraw:
  • This means the actual amount you are going to be withdrawing from the account,you can always transfer unlimited amounts ones with cardro pro v6.5 And the withdrawal is continuously without daily limit.

  • Bank name:
  • This is the name of the bank it can be Firstbank Gt bank, Access bank, Zenith bank e.t.c

  • Account number:
  • In this stage you have to put the account number which is always 10 digits and make sure its very correct to avoid any error.

  • BVN Number
  • This means Bank verification Number issued to each account holders, its always 11 digits,you must put the bvn linked to the account.

    If you have all this details then you are good to go and ready to carry out anonymous transaction/transfer from one account to another with cardro pro v6.5.

    Steps to carry out anonymous transaction on cardro pro.

    First go to cardro pro store,add it to cart and place your order,which will cost you $80 worth Bitcoin remember to fill out the form with accurate details and functional email address where the app and activation code will be sent to. Immediately after the payment you will be redirected to a page for software download and activation code, choose your device type (Android , IPhone or PC ).

    After downloading open and install the software in your device (Android,IPhone or PC). Run the app and start using but before that you must activate the cardro pro with activation code given to you from us which can be bought from Cardro pro store.

    Then proceed to anonymous transaction section and complete your transfer/withdrawal.

    All transactions will reflect immediately the transaction is successful.

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