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How To Do Fake Alert in Nigeria/other countries Using Flash Funds Tool:

Almost everyone Reading this page is aware that Fake Bank alerts does exist and there are many mobile and PC apps for sending fake bank alert. If you are looking for how to make fake bank alert I worldwide, this post will surely be of help but as you do, be sure to understand the consequences behind sending fake bank alert especially in Nigeria and Europe

By the End of this Post You will Learn:

How to do Fake Alert using Flash funds Tool on your Mobile Phone

Flash Funds as the Best Mobile App for sending Fake bank alert
Dangers involved in sending fake alerts to clients Using Flash Funds Tool and how to avoid them
These Days Yahoo is no Longer something new as it has become so popular that everyone wants to venture at least to make some cool cash. Hustlers everywhere are curiously searching for easy means to earn but so sad even the so called Yahoo is not one easy business you might be thinking.

Fake Bank alert Apps

– Apk are tools made available to enhance internet fraud (Yahoo Yahoo) and with these tools, anyone can get scammed thinking they have gotten the real Alert from their bank.

Now the Year is fast running again. Some of you even went as far as taking loans all because you want to celebrate Xmas forgetting that they will pay back with interest.

Some of You have Minds To Buy things you don’t even have cash for. Things you can’t afford at the present.

Whatever you have planned doing, wither paying debt or buying luxurious things you aren’t capable of, you desperately need some money to do them and we all know there’s no easy way to earn but Fake Alert is a fast means to clear such deals.

For those who still don’t understand fake Bank alert and how it works, kindly read below.

What Is Fake Bank Alert and How does it Work

Fake Alert SMS Comes Like Real SMS from Your Bank. It shows you that so so person sent money to your account and it will bear your Bank name and details exactly as it usually comes from your Bank.


When You see the alert, You will assume someone made payment to you. Maybe for goods and services. You must have delivered these services before realizing it was only fake alert.

Even the Advanced tools for sending fake alert such as Flash Funds will show you the alert with your bank labels and also Update your Account balance to make your believe it’s true for those who are very observant to the extent of checking their account balance on every alert received.

Fake Alert is used by Yahoo Boys to pay bills, Debts, Loans, Buy goods and services and at the end while they gain, you the victim will be at loss because nothing actually is gonna be credited to your account – It’s all Fake. That’s how it goes.

Dangers Involved in Sending Fake Bank Alert

It’s Not even Lawful in the First Place using anything related to fake alerts and am sure you are aware even before hitting on this page. Now that you are ready to do anything for money, kindly read well below before you continue with the fake bank alert process.

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