Cardro pro v6.5 Review – How it works and Apk Download

When you are searching for ways to transfer money from someone’s account without trace or being caught its a must you will come across Cardro pro V6.5.
This latest version of Cardro pro is A software you can easily use to steal a victim’s money when you have his BVN number or his credit card details (ATM card).

Cardro pro v6.5 is a powerful tool you can use for bank hacking systems and in this post I will be showing you what and what you can use cardro pro to do,how you it works and where to download cardro pro V6.5

Functions of cardro pro V6.5

  • Transfer of money with BVN
  • Remember your bank always warn you not to reveal your bvn to anyone? Have you ever wondered why the whole banks around always warn you not to release your bvn number to anyone? This is because with a bvn digit a great hacker who have cardro pro can easily tempered with your account and move all your money.

    So one of the powerful uses of cardro pro v6.5 software is stealing of money from bank accounts with bvn and they will be no trace.

  • Collecting of BVN
  • You can also you cardro pro to steal someone’s BVN digits without you asking the person, all you need is the account cvc digits and phone number connected to the bank account, input it to the software and the bvn digits will be generated.

    Download cardro pro apk here

  • Otp Code Diversion:
  • What is OTP?

    OTP is a “One-Time Password” which is randomly generated and sent to your registered mobile number for validation of the transaction. This is to provide an enhanced level of security on card transactions. The OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number within 2 minutes. So with cardro pro you can easily bypass otp when withdrawing money.

    This is the means of redirecting otp messages from original phone number or email address to another.

    In every transactions you make online these days with your credit card requires otp code this is to create security but don’t be surprise when you see debit alert in your phone without your approval because that’s the work of hackers using Cardro pro software to operate.

  • Anonymous transactions
  • With the latest cardro pro software you can perform Anonymous transactions in with some one account without being caught or traced.
    Things like checking of account balance,making shopping online with someone’s account or card details,transferring of money from one bank account to another without pin or otp.

    Things you to have in other to use Anonymous transactions on cardro pro are : account name,amount to withdraw,Bank Name,account number,Bvn number.

  • Carding wizard
  • This functions is for credit carder users shopping online with stolen credit cards and debit cards, with cardro pro v6.5 wizard functions you can check balance of cc, top up the cc balance and also purchase or shop goods online without stress.
    Below are some website you can operate with cardro pro:

    Things to know about cardro pro software

  • Developer
  • latest cardro pro v6.5 was built for us by CyberVor a Russian hacker,it was never an easy task and we paid huge amount of money to Get this done this is because our older version of the software was recently being detected when making transactions and they was a need for us to upgrade it to avoid putting anyone in trouble.

  • Cardro pro activation code
  • In order to use cardro pro v6.5 you need a one time activation code which cost $80,we place this fee in other for those serious minded ones to be able to get it,the $80 is paid ones in lifetime and even if we upgrade or add some features in the app later,you don’t have to pay again as your activation will still be on.

    Cardro pro activation code are generated and issued to each user,this means that each user of the cardro will have its own unique code and you can’t share it to someone’s else or resell it, so don’t fall victim of buying activation code from anyone apart from here.

  • Device compatibility
  • We have cadro pro for Android, iPhone, and PC version, all working the same and easy to use,and with your one time activation code you can use the software in both devices with issues.

    How to buy cardro pro v6.5 activation code

    For you to use the software you need to download the app and apply one time activation code, simple check store and add the software to cart if you want to buy it, after filling your detail’s,a page will open where you can make payment with Bitcoin $80.

    After the payment you will be redirected to download page and activation code page. also try and include your real email address where you could like to receive your packages.

    Buy cardro pro and activation code

    cardro transfer limit

    You can withdraw any amount using cardro pro, no daily limit, everything is unlimited.

    For enquires and any complain kindly contact our costumer care representative on email

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